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Activities we work on

The network supports or has initiated a number of collaborative activities. Here are some of the past and current activities:

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Equitap (Equity in Asia-Pacific Health Systems)

This is a collaborative project of the network to extend health accounts analysis to distributional analyses of health care financing and delivery. The main part of the project took place during 2001-2005, and was funded principally by the European Commission through an INCO-DEV research grant.

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OECD System of Health Accounts collaboration

Although the network does not have a collective opinion on the appropriateness of particular health accounts approaches and standards, most of the existing health accounts systems in the Asia-Pacific region have adopted the OECD SHA as a basis for international reporting. The network is supporting this by acting as a focal point between regional experts and the OECD on pilot-testing and further development of the System of Health Accounts:

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Survey of NHA status in Asia-Pacific region

The network has conducted two surveys of NHA status in the region, in 2001 and 2005. Respondents consist mainly of network focal points, but the survey also supplements this information using other sources. The survey results profile the expansion and consolidation of health accounts efforts in the region during this period.

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