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OECD SHA Collaboration

Although the network does not have a collective opinion on the appropriateness of particular health accounts approaches and standards, most of the existing health accounts systems in the Asia-Pacific region have adopted the OECD SHA as a basis for international reporting. The network has supported its partners since 1998 in this area through three main activities:

(i) APNHAN has acted as a focal point for discussions between non-OECD countries in the Asia-Pacific region and OECD Secretariat on the development of the OECD SHA statistical standard during 1998-2000.

(ii) APNHAN has acted as a focal point to relay feedback on technical problems encountered to the OECD Secretariat from non-OECD countries in the Asia-Pacific region, who have been involved in implementation of the OECD SHA standard since 2000. In connection with this, APNHAN has attended the annual meeting of OECD Health Accounts experts since 2002.

(iiii) APNHAN has acted as a focal point through which OECD Secretariat has shared updates on the OECD SHA implementation with other non-OECD countries in the Asia-Pacific region, as well as information on the planned revision of the SHA standard.

Agenda and Documents from Annual Meetings of OECD Health Accounts Experts

Key documents

A System of Health Accounts [pdf available from OECD website] OECD 2000.
The System of National Accounts. United Nations, 1996. Go to Manual


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