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Meeting of Experts in National Health Accounts - Agenda - Paris, 30 September - 1 October 2004

1. Opening Remarks
2. Adoption of Agenda
3. Approval of the Summary Record
4. Future Work at the OECD on Health

Oral report on the Secretariat plans for future work on health data and health accounts.

5. OECD Publications on "SHA-based national health accounts"
6. Refinement of Health Expenditure Classifications (ICHA)
7. Measurement of Government Outputs and Productivity in the Health Sector in the United Kingdom
  • Presentation by Philip Lee, member of the core team of the "Atkinson Review" aimed at revising measurement methods of general government output and productivity
8. Current Revision Round of the ISIC
9. Health Expenditure and Financing (Parts 4 & 5 in OECD Health Data 2005)
10. Parts 4 & 5 in Health at a Glance
11. Estimating Expenditure on Long-Term Care (LTC)
  • Introduction by the Secretariat: relation of the topic to the work on refinement of the ICHA and SHA data collection.
  • Presentation by the Secretariat on progress with estimating expenditure on long-term care services from the data collection for the study on long-term care under the OECD Health Project. Proposal for follow-up work [DELSA/ELSA/WP1/HS(2004)9] - pdf, 206 kb]
12. Information on International Activities in Health Accounting since the last Experts' Meeting
  • Overview of current EU-sponsored SHA-related projects
  • Presentation by Eurostat
  • Presentation by WHO
  • Presentation by World Bank.
  • Presentations by representatives of regional NHA Networks on recent developments in their regions
13. Key Results of Recent SHA Implementations

Presentation and discussion of experience of countries that have implemented SHA since the last experts meeting. (Portugal)

14. Other Business
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