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Asia-Pacific National Health Accounts Network was established in March 1998 at a meeting in Bangkok, Thailand, convened by the Asia-Pacific Health Economics Network (APHEN) with support from USAID and WHO South-East Asia Regional Office (WHO-SEARO). The meeting was attended by representatives from Bangladesh, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Maldives, Nepal, The Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Thailand (representatives from Australia and Taiwan were unable to attend, but sent messages of support). Official representatives of USAID, WHO, World Bank and ILO also participated in this first meeting. At the meeting, it was decided to establish a network to promote regional collaboration in technical areas related to national health accounts.

  Report on March 1998 launch meeting [184kb].

Form of collaboration

From its inception, APNHAN has been envisaged as a partnership of NHA experts and groups, consisting of:

  • Individuals and institutions officially involved in establishing, developing or maintaining NHA activities in countries and territories of the Asia-Pacific region.
  • International and regional agencies involved in supporting development of NHA activities and capacities in the Asia-Pacific region.
  • International NHA technical experts involved in the development of NHA capacity and standards in the Asia-Pacific region.

Network membership and scope

Membership of the network is determined on a discretionary basis, and is based on the state of health accounts development in the territory concerned. Most members consist of either ministries of health (or other agencies responsible for commissioning health accounts systems) or specialized technical agencies or experts responsible for compiling and maintaining health accounts systems. However, territories where there are no active health accounts efforts, can be represented by health ministries, who may have an interest in maintaining awareness of regional activities, or by technical experts, who have an interest in promoting local efforts. By choice and name, the network welcomes participation from territories in the general Asia-Pacific region, which covers countries in several WHO regions (SEARO, WPRO, EMRO and EURO). If you are interested in joining the network, and your country or territory is not represented, please contact us at:

Mechanisms of operation

Membership in the network does not require participation in any specific activities, but only the benefit of subscribing to the network's email bulletin, which is operated as a list-serve. Participation in the network does not signify any particular state of development with respect to health accounts, nor adoption of any particular approach or health accounting standards.

By consensus, the network operates on a voluntary basis. Members may propose joint activities, and can choose to participate in these as they wish. The network's chief role is to provide a mechanism to allow members to coordinate with each other, and to disseminate information and requests. When joint activities are undertaken, a network partner will typically take lead responsibility for coordination, and when sponsorship is involved handling any external funding or contractual arrangements. For more information on activities . . .

The network welcomes collaboration with external sponsors, and technical and funding agencies, but this always based on the principles of partnership and mutual respect.

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